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The Annex is a gem among all of the neighbourhoods in Toronto. This trendy, affluent residential area is home to the University of Toronto and the world famous art school, The Art Centre. The proximity to the university affords the community a large population of students, professionals and families. The Annex is one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods and streetcar suburbs. Locally the neighbourhood may be accessed by subway or streetcar. Running down the middle of this lively neighbourhood is Bloor Street, home of the commercial businesses in the area. Also located close in proximity is Rosedale, Downtown West and Casa Loma. The shops have the feel of a university town, albeit a very affluent university community.

There are many pubs, fine restaurants and cafes serving food from all around the world. There are also theatres, musical venues, museums, art galleries and antique shops. A department store of historic note, Honest Ed’s, standing on the corner of Bathurst and Bloor lights up the neighbourhood with its 23,000 marquee lights. Considered one of the friendliest neighbourhoods in the city, the Annex is full of many residential real estate options. While the centre of the neighbourhood, Bloor Street, is largely commercial, the side streets are residential. Just off the south side of Bloor Street the tall, narrow and long townhouses are found. To the north of Bloor are the old, stately mansions that shout with historic character. The architectural design marshalled in the residential areas of the Annex includes Victorian, Queen Anne, Richardsonian and Romanesque. The Annex real estate options are among the finest in Toronto. There are also many exemplary public and private schools throughout the area.

Seaton Village, Little Korea and Christie Pits, three neighbourhoods just west of the Annex are often considered the “West Annex”. These areas are also popular with students. The northern boundary is Dupont Street, because the area immediately north of Dupont is a largely industrial area. Now, well over 100 years old and enduring through significant changes, the Annex stands as an integral part of the Toronto community. Rest assured that the Annex will stand as a premier neighbourhood with valuable real estate well into the future. Whether visiting or considering it as a possible home, it is a place which cannot be ignored.


  • Population: 14,258
  • Males: 49%
  • Females: 51%
  • Average Age: 42
  • Average Household Income: $106,258

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 7,566
  • Average Home Price: $816,557
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 1.8
  • Average Age of Home: 58 Years
  • Owned: 33%
  • Rented: 67%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 34%
  • Single: 49%
  • Divorced: 13%
  • Widowed: 4%