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The neighbourhood of Guildwood in Toronto, Canada, is a plush suburb located to the north end of Toronto with planned real estate developments of modern homes and gardens. The neighbourhood is almost all residential and the average house is priced at middle class standards beginning in the $300,000 to $700,000 range. Guildwood or “The Guild” as locals call it, began as an artists colony in 1932 with the vast acreage held in the hand of the colony owners. The land was owned by the artists colony with few buildings in it. The artists colony sold off their land in 1953 to housing development builders and the pristine residential neighbourhood of Guildwood was founded. The housing development surrounds the lake and every house in Guildwood is near the lake and walking distance to the lake.

The suburb is easily accessible from the downtown area and has easy access to downtown Toronto. Many of the residents of Guildwood commute to downtown Toronto by using the train shuttle service that transports them downtown from Guildwood in under 30 minutes. Guildwood real estate is ardently sought for since the neighbourhood is a well cared for and planned residential area of single family houses as well as town houses. Guildwood is a quiet residential area of Toronto, and offers affordable living and great real estate value. The meticulously designed architectural suburb of Guildwood is home to quiet tree lined streets, wide lots and pleasant lake air. The roofs of the houses of Guildwood are unique to the area and give the final touch to the much sought after lifestyle that characterizes the day to day life of the residents in Guildwood. Although going downtown to shop is usually the thing to do, Guildwood has its own Guildwood Village Shopping Centre as well as a neighbourhood cage that offers coffee and donuts.

Although the residents of Guildwood real estate feel more blessed by reason of living in a finely built area that includes a park called The Guild, it is close to Scarborough Bluffs where many of Toronto’s city’s past is visible including a hotel built in 1914. The neighbourhood of Guildwood with its pleasant houses and quiet lifestyle seems a world away from the rest of Toronto with its historical past of traders and commerce.


  • Population: 12,510
  • Males: 45%
  • Females: 55%
  • Average Age: 47
  • Average Household Income: $95,255

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 4,489
  • Average Home Price: $379,522
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 2.8
  • Average Age of Home: 43 Years
  • Owned: 85%
  • Rented: 15%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 52%
  • Single: 30%
  • Divorced: 11%
  • Widowed: 7%