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The Downtown East neighbourhood in Toronto boasts a colorful history. The neighbourhood came about in the 1800’s when the prominent figures and families, who were of the first groups to migrate to Canada and settle in the original downtown neighbourhood, split up their massive estates. Sherbourne Street, with its very classic real estate and beautiful mansions, was a major player in the 1900’s for Downtown East being deemed one of Toronto’s most stylish suburbs. In addition, Sherbourne Street was named so to honor one of the early, prominent families of the East Downtown neighbourhood, the Ridout’s, who migrated to Canada from their home in Sherbourne, England. Nearby neighbourhoods include: Leslieville, Riverdale, Regent Park and Cabbagetown.

The Downtown East neighbourhood in Toronto offers a refreshing variety of shopping venues, like those located in Toronto’s largest indoor shopping mall, Eaton Centre, which contains over three-hundred stores. On Yonge Street in the Downtown East neighbourhood there is a hearty choice of restaurants, both fine dining and casual, and there also over one-hundred bars, and a handful of theatres, to choose from. There are special events and concerts to attend in Toronto’s Time Square-styled Yonge-Dundas Square. Downtown East is also home to the breathtaking Allan Gardens, a public park that contains six different greenhouses, each with a diversity of gorgeous, exotic plants, which are located in the Allan Gardens Conservatory.

Downtown East real estate has many different types of properties to choose from. There are the exclusive and luxurious, million dollar condominiums, the older, high-rise apartments, and there are the walk-up apartments with an art-deco design. Scattered through the side streets, you will also find a mix of semi-detached and detached homes. One bedroom, one bath high-rise condos in Downtown East average approximately $400,000. Most will come come with new, hardwood floors and granite counter tops, and they offer the usual amenities, like twenty-four hour maintenance. Downtown East real estate also offers charming townhouses, and there are those renowned, 19th century Victorian-styled houses and mansions to choose from. The townhomes of Downtown East are priced at $500,000 and up for a one bedroom, one bathroom property, and the prices of the Victorian houses and mansions can range anywhere from $400,000 up to $1M and up, and a lot of these homes and mansions have been converted into multi-family homes.


  • Population: 8,851
  • Males: 52%
  • Females: 48%
  • Average Age: 40
  • Average Household Income: $78,588

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 5,824
  • Average Home Price: $391,326
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 1.9
  • Average Age of Home: 32 Years
  • Owned: 41%
  • Rented: 59%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 36%
  • Single: 46%
  • Divorced: 12%
  • Widowed: 6%