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Davenport, Toronto a small neighbourhood that is rich in history as well as beautiful homes and real estate. This little neighbourhood which became established in 1909, can trace its heritage to thousands of years before this date. It was discovered that Davenport, Toronto was first used as a foot path for the ancient people thousands of years ago. Then in later years it was used by French fur traders leading up to the settling of this quaint town by European settlers in the 1790′s where it then became a farming community. This little community of Davenport, Toronto can accommodate families and seniors alike. There are many different types of Davenport real estate including quaint single family homes, rental homes, and even accommodations for seniors with assisted living developments. As you explore Davenport, you will notice many Victorian style homes that were built in the early 1900′s which add to the charm of this community.

Davenport has many schools, parks, and family recreation facilities available to its residents, making this a great place to raise children and live in a family centreed community. Many parks are within walking distances and Davenport has a wonderful recreational facility that offers many activities for the active person to enjoy. Davenport is just minutes away from downtown Toronto and seconds from Little Italy making it easy to commute to shopping, work, and entertainment. With many bus systems available as well, it will can ease the budget of the Toronto commuter to make this a more affordable place to live and ease the environment of unnecessary smog and pollution.

This wonderful community offers not only a feel of a small town with a great historical past but offers a great place for people to live. Davenport real estate is affordable as the average home price is just approximately $350,000 and with many choices of schools and parks, Davenport is a place to consider if you have a family. Also, with the benefit of living within 10 minutes of downtown, you will find that it offers a great commute for the downtown district as well.


  • Population: 6,049
  • Males: 51%
  • Females: 49%
  • Average Age: 42
  • Average Household Income: $55,520

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 2,145
  • Average Home Price: $351,028
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 2.5
  • Average Age of Home: 52 Years
  • Owned: 46%
  • Rented: 54%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 45%
  • Single: 40%
  • Divorced: 10%
  • Widowed: 5%