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Cliffside shares much of the same characteristics as does its neighbour to the east, Birch Cliff. So much so, that many might consider them one in the same. Even in name, which are both derived from the most defining geographical feature, the Scarborough Bluffs. Cliffside sits just east of Birch Cliff and is bordered by Kennedy Road to the west, St. Clair Avenue to the north, Brimley Road to the east and Lake Ontario to the south. Cliffside is also in close promximity to The Beach and the Upper Beach, which are both located to the east and can be reached by car in less than 5 minutes.

Most of the Cliffside real estate was developed in the 1960s as The City of Toronto and its suburbs expanded to the west, north and in this case, the east. In Cliffside, there is a very distinct socio-economic divide. Cliffside real estate south of Kingston Road tends to be far more desirable (large sprawling houses set on huge lots with lake views) and therefore tend to be home to higher income families. Cliffside homes north of Kingston Road consist of many small bungalows, cottages and apartment buildings that tend to house lower income families. However, there are many Cliffside homes for sale both north and south of Kingston Road with great value and character.

Cliffside is home to approximately 15,000 residents, the average household income is just about average for The City of Toronto and the average price of real estate and Cliffside homes for sale is $330,000.


  • Population: 14,824
  • Males: 50%
  • Females: 50%
  • Average Age: 43
  • Average Household Income: $62,515

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 5,815
  • Average Home Price: $327,548
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 2.4
  • Average Age of Home: 51 Years
  • Owned: 58%
  • Rented: 42%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 45%
  • Single: 35%
  • Divorced: 13%
  • Widowed: 7%