Bayview Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Bayview Village is a charming, nature-oriented community located in northern Toronto. Bayview's borders include Finch Avenue East to the north, Leslie Street to the east, Bayview Avenue to the west and Highway 401 to the south.

Beaconsfield Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Queen Victoria gave her confidant and former British Prime Minister of the UK, Benjamin Desraeli the title of Lord Beaconsfield in the 1860’s. In 1910 Beaconsfield Village was incorporated in his honour.

Birch Cliff Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Birch Cliff (sometimes referred to as “Birch Cliff Village”) is a neighbourhood located in the very southwest corner of Scarbourough, Toronto’s eastern-most district.

Blake-Jones Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Known locally as the The Pocket, the Blake-Jones neighbourhood offers many beautiful tree lined streets, affordable real estate and great local restaurants.

Bloor West Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

When looking to buy real estate, there are many factors to be considered -- price of the house itself, its location with regard to work and schools, and the home's quality of construction are what immediately come to mind.

Bridle Path Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Characterized by multi-million dollar mansions, built from the 1930’s -1960’s, Bridle Path real estate is known as “Millionaires’ Row”. Now a neighborhood in Toronto, it is actually the former city of North York.

Cabbagetown Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Cabbagetown sits astride the west bank of The Don River Valley in Toronto, just opposite Riverdale. Irish immigrants flocked to the neighbourhood in droves starting in the 1840’s to escape the Potato Famine and to work at nearby factories.

Casa Loma Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Casa Loma real estate is some of the most interesting properties in Toronto, located minutes from the downtown area, you will find an eclectic mix of joggers, huge castles, and BMW's alike. In fact, Casa Loma has a Spanish heritage.

Cliffside Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Cliffside shares much of the same characteristics as does its neighbour, Birch Cliff. So much so, that many might consider them one in the same. Even in name, which are both derived from the most defining geographical feature, the Scarborough Bluffs.

Corktown Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Corktown is located just east of Toronto`s downtown core, and its boundaries are roughly Berkeley Street to the west, Shuter Street to the north, the Don River to the east and Lakeshore Boulevard to the south.

Crescent Town Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Crescent Town is a diverse, Toronto neighbourhood located southeast of the Don River in the former borough of East York. Bordered by Dentonia Park Avenue to the north, Victoria Park Avenue to the east, Donora Park to the south and Dawes Road to the west.

Danforth Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Danforth Village is centred around the eastern end of Danforth Avenue. Surrounded by Riverdale to the west, Leslieville and the Upper Beach to the south and East York to the north, Danforth Village has gained popularity as a great neighbourhood.

Davenport Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Davenport, Toronto a small town that is rich in history as well as beautiful homes and real estate. This little neighbourhood which became established in 1909, can trace its heritage to thousands of years before this date.

Davisville Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Davisville (also known as Davisville Village) is a Toronto neighbourhood rich with history, and one which appeals to those looking for a modern urban lifestyle as well. Settled in the 1860's by John Davis, an emigrant from England, Davisville is a neighbourhood with strong ties to history.

Deer Park Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Deer Park is a neighbourhood of Toronto and the business-related vicinity is located along the centered streets of Yonge and St. Clair. The business area consists of offices, restaurants, retail shops and various services.

Don Mills Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Don Mills is an amalgamated neighbourhood located in the North York area of Toronto, Canada. It was cultivated to be a self-sustaining modern town and, at the time, established over the boarders of Toronto proper.

Downsview Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Located on the north side of Toronto, Ontario is the charming neighbourhood of Downsview. Downsview is located in the district of North York and is one of Toronto’s largest neighbourhoods.

Downtown Toronto East Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Downtown East neighbourhood in Toronto boasts a colorful history. The neighbourhood came about in the 1800’s when the prominent figures and families, who were of the first groups to migrate to Canada.

Downtown Toronto West Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The neighbourhood known as West Downtown Toronto boasts the city's Entertainment venues. On the West side one will find restaurants, clubs, shops, theatres, sporting arenas, and hotels.

Dufferin Grove Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Dufferin Grove neighbourhood, located in Toronto's West End, features a very culturally diverse population. Dufferin Grove is bordered by Dufferin Street to the West, and by Ossington Avenue to the East, Bloor Street to the North, and College Street to the South.

East York Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Township of East York was incorporated on January 1st, 1924. East York is covers a very large area and its boundaries are roughly Danforth Avenue to the south, Bayview Avenue to the west, Victoria Park Avenue to the east and Eglinton Avenue to the north.

Forest Hill Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Forest Hill real estate offers a decadent experience for those who enjoy the finer side of life. Located in Toronto’s midtown, the neighbourhood is one of the prestigious districts. Forest Hill is home to a large variety of stores that cater to all tastes and budgets.

Fort York Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The bustling city of Toronto is divided in to distinct neighbourhoods and suburbs, all of which offer a unique blend of culture and character. The Fort York area of Toronto lies to the south western side of Toronto.

Guildwood Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The neighbourhood of Guildwood in Toronto, Canada, is a plush suburb located to the north of Toronto with planned real estate developments of modern homes and gardens. The suburb is easily accessible from the downtown area and has easy access to downtown Toronto.

Harbourfront Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Harbourfront neighbourhood in Toronto is a highly desired neighbourhood. There are beautiful little streets lined with condominiums, which are highly desirable.

High Park Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The High Park neighbourhood in Toronto has a wonderful history. In 1836, Toronto’s first surveyor, John George Howard, purchased one-hundred and sixty acres of property, and in 1837, Howard built Colborne Lodge.

Junction Triangle Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Those looking to move into the city of Toronto will likely find that there are many different neighbourhoods to choose from. One area of the city that should be considered is the Junction Triangle, which is widely considered one of the top up and coming areas in the entire city.

Kensington Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Kensington, a unique historic neighbourhood located downtown in the City of Toronto, has a diverse population. Kensington Market is the heart of the neighbourhood. Mostly outdoors, the market is a popular tourist attraction and the most photographed place in Toronto.

King West Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

King West Village in Toronto is a fast growing neighbourhood, and also a modern, urban neighbourhood appealing to young urban professionals, as well as to both singles and couples.

Lawrence Park Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Lawrence Park is a neighbourhood that is home to many of Toronto’s rich and famous. The community boasts a history that dates back to the early part of the 20th century, with homes that range in style from English Cottage and Tudor Revival to Georgian and Colonial.

Leaside Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The neighbourhood of Leaside has been a beautiful and thriving place to live in for many years. The Leaside neighbourhood started off as a piece of farmland which soon developed into a town in 1913.

Leslieville Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Leslieville was once a sleepy little neighbourhood that finds itself sandwiched between The Beach to the east and Riverdale to the north and west. Technically speaking, Leslieville is actually part of South Riverdale, but in recent years has undergone somewhat of a renaissance.

Liberty Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Liberty Village real estate is as interesting as it's name, which comes from the prison reform and shutting down of the neighbourhoods Toronto's Central Prison in 1915.

Little Italy Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The eclectic downtown neighbourhood of Little Italy is home to Toronto's Asian, Portuguese and Italian communities. Also known as College Street West, it has an authentic European atmosphere.

Moore Park Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Moore Park, situated in the northern end of the historic city of Toronto, is one of many attractive communities in a city that prides itself on its reputation as a city of neighbourhoods.

Niagara Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Niagara, located near the waterfront in the West End area of Toronto, is a neighbourhood of residences and some industries. Beginning in 1793 as part of a military garrison, Niagara has a military past, as evidenced by some of its street names.

North Toronto Real Estate & Homes For Sale

North Toronto, Toronto, Canada is a town that was formed in 1890 with the perfect amalgamation of Bedford Pak Village, Davisville Village and Eglinton Village. The villages retained their old names, mainly for identification purposes.

Parkdale Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Parkdale Toronto is a flourishing neighbourhood just west of downtown Toronto. Bordered by Queen Street to the north and Lake Ontario to the South, Parkdale is home to Jameson Avenue, a lovely wide boulevard lined with tree planters along its' spacious sidewalks.

Playter Estates Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Playter Estates is a beautiful neighbourhood located in the east end of Toronto. It's situated north of Danforth Avenue and east of the Don valley. The community is bound by Fulton, Jackman, Danforth and Broadview Avenues.

Regent Park Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Regent Park is a neighbourhood of Toronto, designated for public housing. This vibrant, multicultural community has recently begun a major rejuvenation program to redesign the neighbourhood, making it more modern and convenient for those who live there.

Riverdale Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Riverdale is comprised of many different smaller neighbourhoods and communities. The boundaries of Riverdale run from the Don River Valley to the west, Danforth Avenue to the north, Jones Avenue and the CN/GO tracks to the east and Lakeshore Boulevard to the south.

Roncesvalles Village Real Estate & Homes For Sale

One of Toronto’s most historic and lively neighbourhoods, Roncesvalles Village is one of the best places to live in the city of Toronto. With its high liveability, wealth of shops and restaurants, low crime rate and small town charm, this Toronto neighbourhood is hard to beat.

Rosedale Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Rosedale real estate dates back to the 1820s when the first settlers, Sheriff William Jarvis and his wife Mary, settled here. Most, not all, of the homes in Rosedale are still standing today. They were built during the 1860s and 1930s.

St Lawrence Real Estate & Homes For Sale

St Lawrence is an old neighbourhood in Toronto. The Georgian style architecture make the area very unique, with bright red brick and yellow brick buildings, spread out through the area, giving a unique and distinctive look, which St Lawrence is known for.

Summerhill Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Lovely houses, tree-lined streets, a picturesque neighbourhood – named after the “Summer Hill” house that was built by transportation mogul Charles Thompson in 1842, the neighbourhood of Summerhill is currently one of the most preferred neighbourhoods in Toronto.

The Annex Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Annex is a gem among all of the neighbourhoods in Toronto. This trendy, affluent residential area is home to the University of Toronto and the world famous art school, The Art Centre. The proximity to the university affords the community a large population of students.

The Beach Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Beach (also commonly referred to as “The Beaches”) is a quaint little neighbourhood located in the very south-east corner of the “old” City of Toronto, only minutes from the downtown core.

Trinity Bellwoods Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Trinity Bellwoods is a well-recognized neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada and is surrounded by four streets; Bathurst Street to the east, College Street to the north, Queen Street West to the south and Dovercourt Road to the west.

Upper Beach Real Estate & Homes For Sale

The Upper Beach (or Upper Beaches) is a relatively new name given to a neighbourhood that previously had lacked somewhat in identity. As the name obviously suggests, The Upper Beach is located directly north of The Beach (or Beaches).

Yorkville Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Yorkville, Toronto is an amazing neighborhood and truly is a great place to live. Yorkville once was a hippie haven where guitar strumming folk rockers like Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young held court in the local coffee houses.