Fire Safety for Kids

When moving into a new home, it is a particularly good opportunity to educate your children on the basics of fire safety in their new environment. It’is important to start introducing fire safety from an early age as fires can occur at any time. Typically parents and teachers start educating children about fire safety when they are in preschool. For this age group, visual stimulation through videos, online games, and colorful cartoon characters is important for maintaining their attention. If you have older children, it is equally important to continue educating them on fire safety basics. Teens who will soon be living on their own must have positive fire prevention habits instilled in their minds. Activities for older children may include sketching a fire map or escape plan for your household. To get you started, here are several free resources for kids, parents, and educators pertaining to fire safety.

Fun Games and Activities
The Internet offers several free games and online activities for kids to learn about fire safety. Provide your kid with the opportunity to play these games. This allows them to have some fun while they learn about what to do in the case of a fire emergency. From becoming an honorary member of the Jr. Fire Marshal league to exploring interactive rooms to looking for danger zones, there are plenty of exciting things for kids to do on the web regarding fire safety.

Enter the Danger Zone – Test your fire safety knowledge with interactive rooms marked with danger zones – work searches and coloring pages are included in the fun.

Become a Jr. Fire Marshal – The US Fire Administration offers games and lessons in fire safety, as well as the chance to earn your Jr. Fire Marshal certificate.

Fire Safety Games – Check out these educational games and printable coloring sheets for kids who are learning about fire safety.

Firefighter Dress Up – Many times kids fear firefighters in times of danger because of their foreign clothing. Dress up a firefighter in her gear, piece by piece, to reduce your fears.

Popular Fire Safety Characters
One of the most successful ways to educate young children about fire safety is to introduce friendly and likeable characters. One of the most famous and oldest of these is Smokey the Bear, but he is certainly not alone. Check out what each of these colorful and lively animated characters have to offer by way of fire safety. Encourage your child to discuss the information they learn from these fire safety mascots in order to reinforce the positive learning experiences.

Smokey the Bear – Smokey the Bear teaches children about the dangers of forest fires. Educate your child about fires outside of the home with the help of this fuzzy character.

Sparky the Fire Dog – This cuddly Dalmatian provides kids with plenty of fire safety tips, as well as information about fire trucks and printable worksheets.

Firefighter Bill – Check out the home of Firefighter Bill where you can chat online with an actual firefighter to ask your fire safety questions.

Arthur and Friends– Arthur shares several useful fire safety tips and displays art work by other kids around the country regarding fire prevention.

Firefighter Sam – Join Firefighter Sam on a tour around a virtual firehouse where you can interact with the fire truck and the sound the alarm.

Flash – Learn about fire safety with the help of Flash, a Junior Fire Marshal Dalmatian puppy, who offers a home checklist, stop-drop-and-roll instruction, and exit drills.

Caillou – Discover several more safety tips from popular television character Caillou.

Parent Resources
Your job as a parent is to keep your child safe, and fire safety is an important lesson to learn at home. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find age appropriate information to assist you in teaching your child about this topic. Fortunately there are several quality resources online from organizations that specialize in fire safety and prevention plans for families. You can find everything from a printable fire plan and map to consistent and clear-cut fire safety tips for children.

Basic Fire Safety Procedures – As a parent these basic tips will help prepare you for training your child in fire safety practices, such as what to do in the case of a fire.

Fire Prevention – Kids Health has compiled a thorough article listing the major factors that lead to fire – use the information to fireproof your home.

Fire Safety for Teens – The Safe Kids organization provides you with age appropriate fire safety tips for teenagers.

Virtual Tips and Videos – The Firefighters Survive Alive! program uses videos and interactive features to educate parents, as well as kids, about the dangers of fire and smoke and how to avoid them.

Create Your Own Fire Plan (pdf) – Create a fire plan using the included printable grid paper to draw out a map of your home.

Resources for Educators
As an educator, safety is a top priority and fire safety is at the top of the list. One of times that fire safety is introduced in a classroom setting is during Fire Prevention Week, which is during the second week of October. Students from preschool through high school can benefit from the resources provided below, which range from history lessons pertaining to Fire Prevention Week to information on your city's fire codes. Get in the spirit of fire safety with the assistance of these great resources.
Create a Fire Safety Lesson – Livestrong offers several tips regarding fire safety that are useful for parents and educators – includes the use of games and puzzles for fire safety lesson plans.

Using Art to Introduce Fire Safety – As you plan your fire safety lesson, here are some tips including how to call 911 and art lessons related to the topic.

History of Fire Prevention Week – During Fire Prevention Week discuss the history of fire prevention and why it is important to spend time talking about fire prevention.

Fire Safety for Preschoolers – Find dozens of prekindergarten teacher lesson plans, book lists, hands on activities, and crafts related to fire safety.

Fire Prevention Week for Young Kids – Discover preschool and kindergarten lesson plans, printable worksheets, book lists, and activities applicable to Fire Prevention Week.

Lesson Plans for Grades 3 to 5 – Scholastic presents dozens of lesson plans related to fire prevention and safety that incorporate other subjects including writing, math, and science.

Fire Safety Lessons for High Schoolers – NOVA presents fire safety lessons targeted at older students, involving scavenger hunts to public buildings and researching fire safety codes.