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Interpreting Historical Sales Data In Toronto - What Did It Sell For & Why?

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Statistics and data are great, but the reality is they are essentially meaningless without context. When it comes to real estate, almost without a doubt, it's in their ability to interpret sales prices that truly lies a Realtor's value.  Many people don't realize that all sales prices are made available to the public through the Land Registry, but really what's there to be learned from a simple address and a price?  Was the house renovated and updated, or falling apart?  Was the basement finished? How many parking spots did they have? How old was the roof? What was the market environment like at the time?

So many factors contribute to determining the final selling price of homes in Toronto, that two seemingly identical houses, side-by-side, may end up having sale prices that differ by 10-15%!!!  Our "What did it sell for?" page gives you access to not only all of the historical sales data available on MLS, but also access to expert local Realtors to provide context to all of the information.  This is the only way that one can truly make informed and educated decisions about what almost always ends up being the most important purchase of their life!  Visit our "What did it sell for?" page and give it a try for yourself - there is absolutely no cost or obligation!